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tesla truck side profile

On Thursday (Nov. 21, 2019), Elon Musk showed us all the Cybertruck. It’s price will be $39,000 USD and, like all of Tesla’s vehicles, it’s an electric car. A big difference, according to Raphael Zammit (the head of MFA Transportation Design), is that, “It literally breaks every rule we tell to our students…. It’s what we tell them not to do.” No, this is not a truck for truck designers…

interior of Tesla Truck

If Raphael Zammit’s first reaction when someone texted him a photo of Tesla’s new Cybertruck was horror. “I was like, ‘Oh my goodness! What did Tesla do?’” he says. “What did they do?”


For example, look at the picture above. See the top of the vehicle up there? and how thin it is? See the truck’s small, thin roof??? The design has many triangles, so there’s no reason to believe that the top of the truck is weak. BUT… The thinness makes it look weak. Zammit says he and other vehicle designers teach students to add a little extra something to make the vehicle look strong—even if it doesn’t really make them stronger.

Yep, this is a very, very different vehicle design. Maybe that’s why when most people first see the truck they are so surprised. The Cybertruck’s design choices are also very different from the other products in Tesla’s 10-year history. Even Tesla’s Semi, first seen two years ago, is a much more normal design….



What kinds of cars does Tesla make?

What is different about the Cybertruck?

Do you like the design of this vehicle? Why or why not?

How much will the Cyber Truck cost?

Would you buy the Cyber Truck? Why or why not?

“Zammit says he and other vehicle designers teach students to add a little extra something to make the vehicle look strong”… In this sentence, what do you think a little extra something means?


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