Samsung’s Neon: A New Level of AI

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Many companies have been working on AI, and Samsung’s ‘artificial human’ project Neon, is another project that could be used for entertainment and business, acting as guides, receptionists, and more. Bascially Neons is making avatars. See below.

Left image: Comptuer-generated Avatar............ Right image: The real girl

Some information and a few videos came out, although they don’t give us enough information to know how good or bad Neon really is.

The lead of Neon, computer-human interaction researcher Paranav Mistry, shared the image below, which seems to be one of the project’s avatars. Mistry says the company’s “Core R3” technology can now “create new expressions, new movements, new dialog, all by itself, completely different from the original data that came from people.”

The videos were hidden on Neon’s website home page. In order to find them, somebody had to right-click on the webpage, click “inspect” or “inspect element” and read the page’s code. In this code, there was a link to the videos. Now you can see them in the YouTube video below, and they do look extremely lifelike.

In fact, they don’t look computer-generated, they look just like videos…

And that’s the key question we have about Neon: how much are these avatars computer-generated? Are they based on video that’s animated after the fact? More importantly, how good are these avatars at talking and acting like humans? 

In an interview, Mistry made clear he thinks “digital humans” will be a major technology in the 2020s. “Movies are full of examples where AI is brought into our world,” Mistry told LiveMint. “In Blade Runner 2049, Officer K has a relationship with his digital AI girlfriend, Joi. While films change our sense of reality, ‘digital humans’ or ‘digital humans’ will be real. A digital human could become a part of our everyday lives: a digital news anchor, digital travel guide, or even an AI-generated movie star.”