Charge your phone through the air!

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True wireless power, without wires, was always too hard for the technology industry. But a new startup in California says it’s learned out how to make small, cheap, and efficient wireless power. The company is named Guru, and they learned how to charge phones, computers, and other things by using 5G technology.

Guru has three new charging products it wants to make. They have three new chargers, one for your desk that can wirelessly charge pretty much anything within a few feet, a room size charger, and a little robot that moves around a large room and charges small things like cameras and IoT sensors.

Nikola Tesla had that same idea that power should be sent wirelessly… The CEO of Guru says, “What makes [Guru] different is we’re using [better] technology … and [5G waves] that allows us to send power in a controlled and safe and [useful way].”



This is important. Wireless power transmission is over a 100 years old, and scientists know it works. There are other companies that tried to make it work..

So why is Guru better? According to the CEO, there are two things better about Guru. One is that it’s using mmWave (5G waves), which can be controlled very well. That way, Guru’s charger can find the phone or computer that needs charging and send it electricity.

That means Guru’s charger can control where the power goes. This is done with a new technology they made called Smart RF Lensing. It’s not clear what Smart RF Lensing is, but it means they can control where the power goes very well. One big problem, is that the phone or computer needs to have a way to get the power. They need a receiver… So you can’t just charge any and every phone in the room. Everything that gets charged needs a way to receive the 5G waves. This could be a big problem for Guru… Only time will tell.