AI… In The Bathroom?!?

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Smart technology is coming to our last place of privacy: the bathroom. New startups and big companies like Bic, Oral-B, and Charmin — all want to create technology that watches how we brush our teeth, shower, and even poop & pee. 

These companies want all of our data; and they are ready to smell any part of our bodies and watch everything we do to get it. If we give them this data, they say they will tell us about how much dirt is on our teeth — or even how much our poop stinks… and that somehow this helps us? They are trying to tell us we will have “more personalized personal-time“… But do we really need any of this? Probably not.

Bic has an AI razor/shaver. Right now it is just a prototype, which means they are still testing it, so you can’t buy it right now, but some people can test it for free.


Bic’s shaver checks your hair, shaving speed, time spent shaving, if the shaver is still good or too old, temperature, and more. They say this information will give us a better shave and help make better shavers of the future better. The company is asking people to use the prototype so that it can gather data to “create its [new] shavers, [perfect] for today’s users, their different skin types and their shaving habits,” according to its website.

Do people need brands watching us on our most private moments? Kohler has a smart toilet, mirror, showerhead, and bathtub that controls lights, sound, and temperature… 

Razors, toothbrushes, and toilet paper — stuff that touches our body — who wants this to be smart tech? Who wants to send this information to big companies?!? I don’t know about you, but I don’t care about how much poop is on my butt, I just want it clean.