Adobe’s New AI Photoshop App

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Adobe Photoshop is a very good software for editing photos. However, it is not easy to use, and in the past we always needed to use it on a computer. Adobe is now making a Photoshop Camera App (for our phones) that will help us find the best filters to edit our photos. It’s not full Photoshop, but it has a lot of good ways to edit pictures on our phone.

3 filters from Photoshop Camera

This new App will give us editing suggestions. How can software tell us how to edit our photos? Easy, it uses AI. This AI can see your subject and knows if it is a landscape, food, or a person. After that, the App gives you suggestions on how to edit the photo.

For now, Adobe is just letting a few people use and test this new App for iPhone and Android.

Photo editing is difficult, and software like Photoshop or Lightroom are very powerful and give you so many ways to edit a photo. Beginners often need a long time to learn to edit the photos.. Photoshop Camera aims to make this easier, using AI to look at the photo and suggest changes based on its light and color — so that everyone, not just professionals, can make great edits to their photos.

The App will also offer manual image adjustment features for users to perfectly edit their photos— there’s a settings tab that lets users adjust details like shadows, highlights, vibrance, and exposure.

Image of a manual image adjustment tool

The name “Photoshop Camera” is supposed to speak to how powerful Adobe wants this app to be. There are hundreds of Camera Apps, but Photoshop is the #1 biggest photo editing software in the market.

The most impressive part of the app uses the AI, Sensei, to make a clean selection around the subject. Once Sensei has clearly found the subject, edits can be applied around them. You can see in the image below how the app only changed the sky, not the city.

An image showing 3 different skies suggested by Sensei

Adobe is aware that powerful AI tools which change images of reality (like in the example above) could bring big problems, and says it will be making new ways to check if images are edited. The app also respects user privacy and will only store photos and run the AI locally on the device, so it seems Adobe will not be seeing all the images you edit with the App.

Users who want to try out the app and create lenses can sign up to test it out here. Adobe is aiming for an official launch in early 2020. 

Adobe’s New AI Photoshop App

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Adobe’s New AI Photoshop App
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