What’s Your Favorite Pokemon?!

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Pokemon. Love it or hate it (I hate it), this one of the most successful cartoon and game brands ever made. One of the most argued-about topics in Pokemon is which creature is, in fact, the best. That’s really hard with at least 1,000 in the whole Pokemon family. This month, however, Google and Pokemon are working together to let the world vote for their favorite Pokemon!

If you need some help choosing, here are a few classic choices below. Note: Again, I hate Pokemon and don’t care how you vote. Make your choice freely…

Pikachu is the series mascot (a.k.a. the most famous Pokemon)

Slowpoke has a real banger of a theme song. (listen to Slowpoke’s theme song in the youtube video to the right)

Eevee was the main character in Pokemon: Let’s Go.

For those of you who dont’ know, Eevee is this cute little fox-type Pokemon to the left. I love its space alien eyes and lips-less human mouth

Pokémon Sword gave us this leek-wielding, sparkling-eyed Sirfetch’d. By the way, a “leek” is that big green onion in his right hand. He wields it like a sword when he fights other Pokemon… See below, he is using (wielding) the leek, just like a sword.

As the Pokémon’s family has grown to nearly 1,000 monsters, so it’s harder than ever to pick your favorite. But this month we can all take a vote on Google!

(By the way, did you know.. “Pokemon” is short for “pocket monsters”.. Pocket is because you can catch them in a Pokeball and put them in your pocket… Monsters because they are not really animals, they are more like… well, monsters. 

See three monsters below… They are NOT Pokemon!

Pokémon joined with Google to make a poll to vote for “Pokémon of the Year”. You can pick your favorite by searching for “Pokemon vote” on Google. The poll runs until 8:59AM ET on February 14th. You only get one vote per region per day, but you can cast a new vote once every day. The regions are like Kanto, Johto, Hoenn… I guess these are different regions (places) in the Pokemon world.

Pokemon Vote: Quiz Yourself!

When does voting end?
How many Pokemon are there?
Why does sirfetch'd carry a leek?
Which is the Pokemon Mascot?
How do you go vote for your favorite Pokemon?
What is a leek?
Pokemon Vote: Quiz Yourself!
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