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Good content is like treasure.. It’s really hard to find! Also, most content is not good… and it’s often very expensive to buy and try… Most people don’t have money or time to spend on content! So, to save you time and money… I am telling you some of my favorite places to find good content.

The Best Apps

Language apps can save you a lot of study time! For example, if you use a book to learn English, you need to look for every new word in the dicitonary. That takes soo much time! The best apps have good content, and help you save time by easily explaining the study material. Here are a few of my favorite language apps:


Fluentu takes Youtube videos of native English speakers and uses them for study lessons. They break all the words and grammar from the videos into flashcards. By the time your lesson is done, you understand every word and every sentence in the whole video.

Rosetta Stone

This app quickly teaches basic grammar and sentences. This APP is perfect for travelers!.. And people who studied from books, can read & write in English… but still don’t have basic speaking and pronunciation skills. This is NOT good for learners who want to read books, watch movies and have long fluent conversations with native speakers.


Anki is a great flashcard app. You can make your own flashcards, add pictures, sounds and videos… or find flashcards made by other users. On Anki, you can find flashcards like “500 TOEFL words you need to know” OR “Business  English Vocabulary”. This saves you time because someone else did all the work to find the most important things to study. If you need to learn words FAST… Anki is the best app. You can get Anki for iPhone or also for Android.

The Best Games


Scrabble is a game where you try to spell words and earn points. You can play with people around the world. It’s a fun way to practice vocabulary and spelling.

The Best Books


In my opinion, the best TOEFL book is the one made by ETS. (ETS is the company that creates the TOEFL tests)… They know exactly what goes into the test.

The Best Youtube Channels

Youtube is a great place to learn things. Many times, I see students search for things like “learn business english”… These videos are often boring! So I want to show you a few of my favorite channels. These youtube channels have amazing content and the people talk slowly and clearly so English learners can understand too.

Sam the Cooking Guy

This guy cooks amazing food. He is the true American “backyard” chef.. and he is pretty funny!!!


This channel is great if Ted Talks are still too difficult for you to understand. These videos include translations into many different languages.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy makes videos about Economics, grammar, programming, art, history, and more! The lessons are translated into 20-30 different languages.

Immigration Tube

For people who want to Move to a new country like USA or Canada, Immigration Tube is a good channel… You will need good English to understand what they say.


This channel is one of my favorites. He talks about business, economics, history and world politics. His videos are well-researched and quite interesting. 

Lost LeBlanc

This guy travels all around the world and shows you the best places to visit, how to save money and how to enjoy your vacation in foreign countries.

The Rest of Us

The Rest of Us is a channel like Polymatter. He talks a lot about how big business and changing economy and environment will change the lives of normal people.

Finding Teachers

A good teacher can make content learning faster and easier. You don’t always need a teacher with the most experience. You need someone who is patient and a good listener.


Magoosh provides class for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, SAT, and ACT testing. They have reasonably priced courses with high quality teachers.


Preply has over 10,000 teachers to choose from at every skill level and price range. You can practice conversational skills with a cheaper, less experienced teacher or study Business English, TOEFL, pronunciation or anything else you and the teacher decide to study. You could even study lessons from!

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