The BEST English Study Exercises (and when to use them)

Mr. Monkey Fighting
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English = Fighting

Imagine how a fighter trains. They lift heavy weights for power, light weights for speed and balance, run, stretch, swim and practice the same fighting moves again and again and again until they feel totally natural…

Now imagine a fighter who ONLY practices punching… This fighter will probably lose!
The problem most students have… is that they don’t know how to exercise. They don’t know what exercises build what kinds of strength. This is why fighters need a coach. This is why students need teachers… But sometimes a teacher is too expensive. Or you don’t have time to meet every week… Now, when fighters have a coach or they practice alone, they still have basic knowledge of exercise.

150 Years of History

Over the last 150 years, people also learned language for different reasons. Different exercises were created to improve different language skills. Often times, teachers don’t clearly talk about which exercises build your speaking, listening, reading, writing or spelling. Let’s look at some of the most popular study exercises.

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