What is The Reading Approach?

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The Reading Approach - 1920s and 1930s

In the 1920s and 1930s- American schools started making students learn a new language.. However, most students would never leave the country and most teachers could not really speak the language. There was a test created by the U.S. government… However, it only tested reading ability. So boring!

Guided Reading: The teacher explains what the class will read about and also any new words or grammar. Then the students read together. This way, students can read and understand much more difficult content.

If you don’t have a teacher to explain the content, you can do these steps:

If you know what you are going to read about, it makes it much easier to guess the main ideas…. Before you read, talk with friends, or study- make sure you know what you will be talking about! Also, as your teacher reads in class, make sure they stop and explain any new words or grammar. You can let them explain in your native language or in English.. Whatever you feel comfortable with!

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