What is the Comprehension Approach?

The Comprehension Approach
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Comprehension Approach - 1980s

At some point, language scientists noticed that… “Hey! When people understand how to use grammar and words… they feel comfortable speaking!”.  Maybe we should try to teach really simple stuff until students know a few words… Sp some teachers used ONLY the new language to teach. Look at this video:

This seems really nice, and even now some class say “English ONLY”… and you can’t speak your native language. This makes people feel like they are working really hard, but sometimes translation is good. Think about this sentence:

 Person 1: What did you study today?

Person 2: Today, I studied Python 3.

Person 1: Oh, cool… What is Python 3?

This is a simple question and simple answer for beginner students… The word “Python 3” is not really a beginner word. It is really difficult to explain to beginner students.… but some beginner students might want to use the word. It will be so fast to translate Python 3. It will be so hard to explain what Python 3 is by just using English!

So, while waiting and waiting for people to understand perfectly and start talking takes a long time. This time in language learning created some truly important learning techniques.

i + 1: Make sure you don't give learners too much information. You really want to give the students just one new word or type of grammar at a time. If there is only one new thing, they can probably guess the meaning.

Use Your Body: When you use your body to explain things, it helps people understand remember. Use your face, emotions and hand motions to explain the meaning of words or sentences.

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